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PLWM is located in San Francisco and liquidates for some of the biggest retailers in retail. You can expect any product that you commonly find in any big retailers such as Walm*rt or t*rget along with plenty others. We currently have on the floor Giant e*gle, T*rget, W*lmart, and plenty others. Coming next week you can find k0hls h0me Depot, on our floor along with the other pallets. We commonly bring in 2-5 trucks a week to always have a different browsing selection for our customers/store buyers. Our truckloads consist of returns and overstock(100% new items).

Flipping pallets is great way to make side money, but also carries risk. Come view pallets when we’re open and speak with one of staff about your needs when it comes to supply!

🚨 Were also taking appointments everyday! ) for an appointment🚨(½ pallet minimum)

Tuesday 5-8pm
Wednesday 5_9
Thursday 5-8pm
Friday 5_7
Saturday 11-3pm
Sunday 1-4pm

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foot ware

We want to sell our footwear stock from the warehouse.

We have different pallets of brand name shoes wholesale:

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13 promax

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Toys wholesale pallet

This is a Toys wholesale pallet.  Our pallets are extremely clean and the products you get hold a high resale value.  Here’s what you’ll get in a Toys pallet like this one

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Pallet Liquidations wholesale marketing is a wholesaler of retail liquidation pallets from major retailers. We sell by the pallet of new, overstock, open box and store returns. i.e. Pallet of new shoes, Pallet of overstocked dishware, Pallet of open box items or Pallet of returned items.

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