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Brand New luxury handbags in pallets
Each pallet comes with 350 pieces
Model/Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Versace


Call it a treasure chest or a mini portable world, handbags are indispensable in daily life. You can use a sling bag (small size), or a hobo bag (medium size), or a tote bag (large size) but the interior of the bags need to be water-resistant, well-stitched, compartmented, zipped, and easy to clean. The handbag that you decide to carry for a day should be able to hold and store your bare minimum essentials with ease and if needed, your extra baggage too.

  • What do you want to carry when the special person calls you for a breakfast date and early morning long drive? A sling bag with your favorite lipstick, phone and your cards.
  • What exactly is the right bag when you have to look presentable for a business meeting at the office? An office bag with a weather-proof inner lining to keep your laptop and other documents safe.
  • Where do you intend to put a set of comfy tees and a quirkily-printed pajama when heading for a sleepover at your bestie’s place? In a handbag with multiple compartments.
  • Thinking of attending the wedding party? Take a hobo bag with wallet, phone, make-up pouch, and sanitizer.
  • Going on a short trip with the family? A “carry-all” tote bag is the correct choice.

See, how the spaciousness and size of a bag determine which one is apt for which purpose.


Have a look at the bag: Royal Green Mogra Print Tote Bag

  • Spacious and sober enough to carry office essentials.
  • Classy and sassy enough to match your favorite outfit while enjoying me-time at a café.
  • Sophisticated and stylish enough to make an impression on date night.
  • Durable and supportive enough to carry your things while attending a wedding.

Have a look at the Paisley Print Envelope Wallet with Detachable Sling

  • Use it as a day clutch by detaching the sling.
  • Use it as an evening sling.
  • Use it for parties, offices, and short trips.

Own a bag that is truly versatile. Go from a day office look to an afternoon brunch look; transform an evening coffee-date look tonight dinner look in the blink of an eye.


This word can have multiple meanings. Comfort can mean ergonomic handles without contributing to backaches and shoulder pain. Comfort can also mean detachable handles. Comfort also means using the bag with several outfits without having to think too much about “what’s trending?” Comfort may mean lightweight handbags, appropriate handbag dimensions, multi-compartment handbags, convenient purse straps, and weather-proof material so that you don’t have to worry about your essentials in case of unwanted rain or accidental spillage.


Always choose bags that have the right purse sizes or handbag sizes and go for materials that are durable, lightweight, and sturdy. Zouk understands the value for money so it offers a range of bags where functionality meets fashion and the prices won’t ever hurt your pocket. Instead, you may end up collecting a lot of them because the irresistible designs, excellent quality vegan leather, and affordability will always make you want to add the bags to the cart. Don’t believe us? Buy, try and be amazed.


It is as important as any other feature. A black sling bag may go well with your one-piece on a date night, a red handbag may be the best choice for your Silk saree on family occasions. Similarly, floral totes can nullify your Monday blues and pastel hues are for weekend outings. But why not have a bag that has all the happy colors, and merry prints? The calmness of the Mandala art, the classiness of the Paisley motif, or the quirky colorful stripes – Zouk’s bags have colors and prints that are unique, uplifting, and unmatched.


An advantage and a savior – the straps are important to make you go hands-free. Sling them on your shoulder, backpack them on your back, tote them on your wrist – go hands-free with straps that are sturdy, and ergonomic. If you want to go strapless, go for bags with detachable handbag straps. Convenient, isn’t it?


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