Grade B Stock – KCT Malaga Chicken House Including Cover


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Please Note: These units are complete and in decent condition but are being sold as factory seconds due to some defects which have occurred during manufacture. The fit and finish of some parts are not up to the usual retail standard – for example there are some rough unfinished edges on wooden panels, there might be the odd splash random coloured paint on some panels and we have found the occasional sharp edge on the metal work. You may find the units have a small layer of mould in a few areas, but this easily brushes off and is not a problem.
These units were manufactured in 2021 so are not old stock, but they have not passed our usual very high standards required to sell at full price. With a wipe down and a small amount of work these will certainly do the job you are expecting – and the units are complete with all parts, fittings and assembly instructions.


The Malaga Hen House with Run is an attractive and secure home for your chickens or other poultry. Its extra large size is ideal for providing a spacious environment for healthy chickens.

This coop provides a sheltered sleeping and nesting house with a ramp leading to the lower run area. The door which the animals use can be open via a pull key without the need to enter the run. For easy cleaning there is also a slide out metal tray. Sturdy metal mesh panels provides protection from foxes and other predators. Made from high quality, treated wood to ensure durability and long-life.

The front door features a handy mesh window with sliding panel, giving you the option of providing additional ventilation to the coop during warm weather.


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